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5 Reasons Why Trump Policies are Making Activists Angry

President Trump is the reason for some major events in the past few years, but his latest move is not only bad for America, but it will put the whole world at risk. Not to forget that The USA is the world's largest polluter, hence a little responsibleness is expected from the world's leading economy.

Reversal of 100 Environmental Policies

Yeah, you read it right. 100. This is the first time this number is actually scaring me. President Trump called many of these policies as unnecessary and burdensome to the fossil fuels industry. His administration is removing the cap on the carbon-emission, which was set by the Obama-administration. He also withdrew many policies with ensured clean air, water to the citizens. Some of these rules were changed while the country struggled with the coronavirus.

70 environmental rules have been officially withdrawn until now, while 30 more are on the way to expire. The Environmental Protection Agency carried out the process. More than half of the country's wetlands are now vulnerable, the restriction on mercury emission from power plants is removed, and more land is now made available for oil and gas leasing,

Angry Activists

A spokesperson of the E.P.A said that these amendments were delivering President Trump's commitment to providing cleaner air, land, and water to the citizens. But the environmental groups did not agree ( I wonder why ).

Activists are accusing the E.P.A of restricting its power under Mr. Trump to regulate and maintain the environmental conditions, especially when it comes to tackling climate change. Many states are taking legal steps against these amendments and many of these cases are expected to remain stuck in the court till November.

In case you didn't comprehend, these changes will lead to a drastic increase in greenhouse gas emission, and I wonder how many more people have to become victims of this pollution to prove this point. Analysts have already predicted thousands of additional deaths. Is America ready for this? Here are some of the changes that the Trump administration made:

  1. Offshore Drilling Safety Rules: Thes rules were implemented in 2010 after the disastrous explosion took place at BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, which also killed 11 people.

  2. Pipeline orders: 2 executive bills were signed that paved a way for building oil and gas pipelines and not allow the states to block them.

  3. Sage Grouse Habitat: Trump administration removed 2015 Sage grouse conversation plans. Now the oil and gas companies can do fossil fuel extraction without a problem.

You can find a through the list of the Trump administration's moves here.

A lot of these changes can potentially hinder all the progress that the USA has made so far for environmental conservation. The USA already has pulled out of the Paris Agreement, which met with huge criticism around the globe. Also to note that E.P.A's criminal enforcement has been lowest in 3 decades during the Trump presidency. Coincidence? Even if the Trump administration is not making the activist community happy, we hope the upcoming elections bring some positive change.

Data and Statistics: Yale Climate Connections

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