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'Green-Shift' in Transport Industry To Create 15 Million Jobs

Electric Bus
Electric Bus

Moving towards an environmentally friendly transport system after the pandemic is over can create up to 15 million new jobs across the globe, the theory backed by a recent UN report published on 19th May 2020.

UN has already warned that we can not go back to the way we used to work, or else the progress made will be lost. Instead, they suggested an opportunity to advance in sustainable development for all, which will benefit the planet as well as the people.

Catherine Saget
Catherine Saget

Catherine Saget, who is the team leader at International Labour Organisation (ILO) said that if nations aim at achieving environmental sustainability and inclusiveness, there is a huge requirement of a transformation in the structure of the economy. The changes have to been made in products, other services, and production processes. This change will include the transport industry, which will create a livelihood for many, and support their families. The change is going to be accompanied by suitable changes in policies.

The Green Shift

The report, 'Jobs in green and healthy transport: Making the green shift' – was drafted by ILO with UNECE. It studies the consequences of 4 green transport in 60 countries in North America, Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, all of which are members of UNECE. The plan, which aims to accelerate the development of public transport is a greener way, instead of the business-as-usual way. The authors pointed out that if half of all vehicles manufactured going forward were electric, an estimated 10 million more jobs could be created. An additional 5 million more can be created if UNECE countries double their investment in public transport.

Awaiting the Actions

These measures can spike the job creation graph even outside the transport sector. For example, electrification of major transports can boost the electronic and electrical industry as well as R&D. The renewable energy sector will also get a boost. All this will eventually lead to a greener environment like reduction in air pollution, lesser noise pollution, lesser demand for fossil fuels, and reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emission.

Olga Algayerova
Olga Algayerova

UNECE Executive Secretary Olga Algayerova said that the domestic transport industry plays a key role in contributing to the regional economy, and employment. She pointed out that the report has highlighted a few ways the transport sector can transform into a greener and sustainable option.

Image Courtesy: ILO

Source: UN

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