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BTS Raises $1.4 Million For Black Lives Matter Campaign

The #blacklivematter movement saw unprecedented support from one of the world's largest music community, the KPOP.

BTS, the world's #1 KPop boy band, and their management company Big Hit Entertainment announced they were jointly donating 1.6 Billion KRW, a little over the US $1.4 Million to Black Lives Matter, teaming up with UNICEF Korea for the 'Love Myself' campaign against violence. The move, got mass appreciation from people around the globe, inspiring the young generation, to act against racism.

Within the next day, BTS fan-based charity foundation, One In An Army, used the hashtag #matchamillion to raise another US $1.4 Million, thanks to over 35000 donors.

Appreciating the efforts, BTS tweets their support for the protestors in the US, saying "we stand against racial discrimination. We condemn violence.

BTS tweets their support for the protestor in the US, saying "we stand against racial discrimination. We condemn violence. You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together.#BlackLivesMatter."
The tweet by BTS

Social Media Campaign

Amidst the protest, #whitelivesmatters seemed to make an appearance. To counter this, the fans took over these anti-protest hashtags and flooded them with pictures of their favourite KPop stars. Due to this, the actual anti-protest content got lost. The BTS army proved how the positivity of fandom can lead to significant results. Their efforts were applauded by people around the globe.

Tweets using #whitelivesmatters uploaded with BTS pictures
Fan tweets

The Black Lives Matter protest began with full force when George Floyd became a victim of police brutality at the hands of Minneapolis police. People have been protesting around the world against discrimination and racism against the black community.

Love Myself campaign aims to eradicate violence against children and teens around the globe. BTS has donated $500 Million KRW to the campaign, and have been promoting this campaign in every way possible. Their visit to the United Nation earlier, where RK spoke on behalf of the entire group, saying,

Data source: Billboard

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