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COVID and Credence of Hope

10.9M people have recovered as of today
10.9M people have recovered as of today

Murphy’s law states that whatever can happen, will happen. It’s a strange coincidence, but every 20th year in the last three centuries has been demonized by a deadly disease and the 20th year of this millennium has not been an exception too. The Coronavirus dubbed the COVID-19 has officially put the world on pause and has taken over.

Countless have lost their lives and Millions have lost their jobs, we could wish this to get over already, the world has indeed been put on hold and still, we are thriving. Lockdown, Masks, and social distancing are the most normal words right now and they have become our every day in every way possible. We have started living with this thing.

But the hard fact is that even a meager 15-20 years ago and the circumstances would have been completely different. COVID-19 without internet and smartphones and (most importantly a time when global travel was as frequent as today but) not as much of a virtual connection that we have right now because of the internet. Things would have probably been worse.

Tests, Vaccination, and Hope

The governments are doing their best in increasing testing for cases and this has continuously increased. This is especially true in Europe and South Asian countries like India. With positive news with regards to the vaccine from Oxford University in London, tests are being conducted in countries of Brazil, the UK, South Africa, and even in the US too. This is part of Phase III of the tests which is taken up by thousands of participants worldwide.


The Oxford vaccine offers one of the most promising weapons against the virus. This vaccine that has been created will be available in India earliest by November ’20. This vaccine will be manufactured by the Serum Institute of India. Dubbed as Covishield, this vaccine will be produced by SII who have a tie-up with AstraZeneca, the Swedish-British pharma giant, who are manufacturing this for the low- and middle-income countries. As part of the Indian government’s requirements, any new vaccine that is expected to be marketed in the country has to undergo late-stage clinical trials here before a launch.

Declining Critical Cases

With the tests being continuously done and with better medication, the ratio of critical cases to total cases has significantly reduced. Thanks to early detection and treatment this couldn’t be more positive news. Dr. Hemant Deshmukh, dean of KEM hospital in Mumbai said that admissions are going down at the hospital while the discharge rate is going up. “Even in ICU, we have almost 10 percent beds vacant. Since the past month, our recovery rate in ICU has gone up, we can save over 60 percent of patients”, he said. The death rate for COVID-19 patients at the hospital has dropped from 18.9 percent to 9 percent in a month, he added.

There is Hope

The situation outside is bad and I hope I can make the best use of this platform to help as many as I can to get over the stress. There’s a lot more time in 2020 and it is never too late to start. Networking platforms like LinkedIn and job searching platforms like and have proven themselves extremely useful. Hopefully, the vaccines will be ready by end of year and of course for everyone irrespective of their income levels. I am confident and optimistic for the rest of the year and so should you be. It has been tough for us all, but it is time for us now to focus and rebuild. It’s never too late for anything. Good Luck.

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