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Solar Energy To Become The Most Economical Power Source by 2030

Solar power is set to become the most economical power source, beating fossil fuels, by 2030. The information was reported by Carbon Tanker. 60% of the world’s solar power is already affordable. Harry Benham, the author of the report, said that 1% of the world’s renewable energy sources are more than enough to replace fossil fuel usage.

Climate Change causing the worst drought in 1,200 years in the US

The heatwave in the west US is breaking hundreds of years of records. Salt Lake City recorded a temperature of 107F (42C), while the power grid operators of Texas and California are requesting the residents to converse power to avoid blackouts. Associate professor of Earth system science at the University of California, Kathleen Johnson, says that wildfires and more droughts can be expected in the coming months. These catastrophes are directly linked to human-caused climate change.

Lamborghini to switch to hybrid models by end of 2024

Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelmann announced the company’s intention to switch to plug-in hybrid models by the end of 2024. The hybrid models will combine electric motors and powerful batteries, with the traditional internal combustion engines. Winkelmann believes that Lamborghini’s target customers will be open to accepting this new technology in upcoming Lamborghini models. Plug-in hybrids retain the feel and sound of an internal combustion engine when driven aggressively while allowing the car to run completely under electric power at times. With this move, Lamborghini joins its rivals, Ferrari and McLaren, in introducing plug-in hybrid supercars. By moving to plug-in hybrids, Lamborghini hopes to reduce the overall carbon emission of its cars by 50%, by early 2025.

New national parks in New South Wales, Australia

The New South Wales (NSW) government has purchased its second-largest land acquisition for national parks and bought neighbouring stations Langidoon and Metford. Officials say that the new park would be an important refuge for wildlife including at least 14 threatened animal species, such as the Australian bustard, white-fronted chat and the pink cockatoo. The property also contains the important Aboriginal heritage, including artefacts such as grinding plates and stones. The visitors would also get to visit the sandplains, stony desert and a lake system that provides habitat for a range of migratory bird species.

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